Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jennifer Aniston

 Hey Guys,

This post is gonna be the last one for a while, because my 10 months in Canada are almost over and the next days will be full of farewells and welcome backs! 
But I'm happy about all your views and I will come back as soon as possible!
Love you my Fashionistas!

This post is going to be about Jennifer Aniston and her totally basic outfit, that you can copy really easily!
I will show you!

This chic beige high heels are just perfect for every kind of event. 
It doesn't matter if it is a formal event or just for the everyday look, like Jennifer shows in this picture, these shoes will go great with anything. 
You can get them for just $26.99 at payless!

You can get this plain grey t-shirt at H&M for just $12.95. 
Just a simple basic, but useful and good to combine!

These white shorts are just great for the summer time, 
and they make your legs look even more tan. 
12.95 at H&M? Great deal!

This summer hat doesn't just help you to protect yourself from the sun, it also gives a good accessory to your outfit.
You can find it at payless for $9.99.

If you wanna make your outfit complete with this nice off white scarf,
you can get it at forever21 for $10.80.

A brown leather belt, like this one, is always good to have in your cupboard. 
It's avalable at H&M for $19.95. 

This cute necklace from forever21 is not exactly the same as Jennifer's but it would still go great with this simple outfit. 
Get it now for just $6.80!

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