Thursday, June 13, 2013

Audrina Patridge

Hey my friends♥

Don't you love Audrina's cute little strapless summer dress? I do!
She combines it with beige wedges, Ray-Ben sunglasses and a white small bag,
and pulls off a perfect summer look.

Copy this look:

This cute orange pinky dress, although it has sleeves, is really similar in colour, texture and fabric to Audrina's Amanda Uprichard Joan Dress!
It will look great with tan skin in the summer!
 You can get it for just $12,95 at H&M.

These H&M sunglasses look just like her real Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses, the only difference:
They are just $6.95!

This beige pair of wedges is not quite the same as Audrina's but it would still go good with this outfit or just normal skinny blue jeans. You can combine these $39.95 shoes from H&M with almost everything!

If you don't want to carry a big bag with you, this white small bag would be perfect. 
It's enough space for your phone and wallet, and not heavy at all!
You can get it at H&M for just $19.95.

This cute little bracelets are a must have for every girls closet. They are just simple silver or gold and fit to almost every outfit.
If you want exactly these ones here, you can get them at forever21 for $9.80.

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