Thursday, June 6, 2013

Selena Gomez

Hey Guys,

So finally I got to write my first post!
As you can see in the blog title, this blog is gonna be about stars and their outfits and how you can copy them for less money!
So if you find better and cheaper matches to this clothes or if any of those links are not existing anymore, just comment below and I try to change it immediately.

And now to our first star: Selena Gomez in her chic white blazer.

 Simple Blue skinny Jeans have to be in every girl's closet. If you don't have any yet - it's time.
You can get them for only $12.95 at H&M.

This is just a basic Black Tank Top and you could find it in almost every store I guess. 
The cheapest option I found is at forever21 for just $3.80. 

This White Bag looks just like hers but in a little bit smaller. It is available at H&M for $29.95.

This Blue Cap-Toe Shoes may not be exactly the same as Selena's, but they go great with this outfit. 
You can get them at Zappos for $47.99. 

This cute Silver Horse Shoe Necklace, you can  get at forever21 for just $5.80

This White blazer is what makes Selena's outfit stand out. It's an original addition for a casual look. For $24.95 at H&M

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