Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jennifer Aniston

 Hey Guys,

This post is gonna be the last one for a while, because my 10 months in Canada are almost over and the next days will be full of farewells and welcome backs! 
But I'm happy about all your views and I will come back as soon as possible!
Love you my Fashionistas!

This post is going to be about Jennifer Aniston and her totally basic outfit, that you can copy really easily!
I will show you!

This chic beige high heels are just perfect for every kind of event. 
It doesn't matter if it is a formal event or just for the everyday look, like Jennifer shows in this picture, these shoes will go great with anything. 
You can get them for just $26.99 at payless!

You can get this plain grey t-shirt at H&M for just $12.95. 
Just a simple basic, but useful and good to combine!

These white shorts are just great for the summer time, 
and they make your legs look even more tan. 
12.95 at H&M? Great deal!

This summer hat doesn't just help you to protect yourself from the sun, it also gives a good accessory to your outfit.
You can find it at payless for $9.99.

If you wanna make your outfit complete with this nice off white scarf,
you can get it at forever21 for $10.80.

A brown leather belt, like this one, is always good to have in your cupboard. 
It's avalable at H&M for $19.95. 

This cute necklace from forever21 is not exactly the same as Jennifer's but it would still go great with this simple outfit. 
Get it now for just $6.80!

Audrina Patridge

Hey my friends♥

Don't you love Audrina's cute little strapless summer dress? I do!
She combines it with beige wedges, Ray-Ben sunglasses and a white small bag,
and pulls off a perfect summer look.

Copy this look:

This cute orange pinky dress, although it has sleeves, is really similar in colour, texture and fabric to Audrina's Amanda Uprichard Joan Dress!
It will look great with tan skin in the summer!
 You can get it for just $12,95 at H&M.

These H&M sunglasses look just like her real Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses, the only difference:
They are just $6.95!

This beige pair of wedges is not quite the same as Audrina's but it would still go good with this outfit or just normal skinny blue jeans. You can combine these $39.95 shoes from H&M with almost everything!

If you don't want to carry a big bag with you, this white small bag would be perfect. 
It's enough space for your phone and wallet, and not heavy at all!
You can get it at H&M for just $19.95.

This cute little bracelets are a must have for every girls closet. They are just simple silver or gold and fit to almost every outfit.
If you want exactly these ones here, you can get them at forever21 for $9.80.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blake Lively

Dear fellow Fashion Lovers, 

This casual outfit is what fashion icon Blake Lively was sighted in on a shopping tour. Like always,she looks great even though not dressed up at all. I'm going to show you, where to get everything to style this cool look yourself.

Copy this look:

Simple dark blue jeans at $12.80 from forever21 start of this casual outfit.

This grey and white striped cardigan is as close as you can get to Blake lovely vest, the main feature of this great outfit. I found it at forever21 for $29.80.

A simple loose, long white top to tuck into your pants, you can get at forever21 for only $6.80.

These basic black high heels are from payless ($19.99). They go with literally everything and make your legs look great.

If you don't have a simple black handbag, you can get one for $26.99 at payless, too. Super useful!

This beautuiful silver pearl necklace is not a designer piece like Blake's, but looks a lot like it. It is available at forever21 for $10.80.

Charlize Theron

Hello everybody! ♥

Today, I am going to show you, how to copy Charlize Theron's cute spring/summer outfit. It is a combination of basics and an eye-catching bright yellow lace top. A great everyday look at this time of the year.

Copy this look:

First of course: a yellow lace shirt just like Charlize's. They are all over the place at the moment as bright colours are still a huge trend. This one is from forever21 for $27.80.

Classy black sunglasses. If they aren't yet, they will soon be your favourite summer basics! This pair is available at H&M for $12.95.

Charlize Theron wears red ballerinas with this outfit to bring even more colour into her look. A neutral pair will do, too, if you want to leave it at one colourful accent. You can get plain ballerinas in various colours at H&M for $14.95. 

Dark blue skinny jeans. Is there anything more basic than that? Great to combine with pretty much everything, they are a must-have. These here cost $12.80 at forever21.

A lot of storage space has this big beige bag. It looks quite similar to Charlize's and will be great for run errands and all everyday outfits. At H&M for $39.95.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Miley Cyrus

Hey my fashionistas ♥

I'm back with my 2nd post about Miley Cyrus!
Here she is, wearing a beautiful long sleeved crop top, high waisted jeans shorts and her beloved classic black Dr. Martens. This outfit is super cute and edgy at the same time. She looks great in everything, but this look is just perfect for summer.

Copy this look:

Get this statement spike necklace  for $8.50 at claire's. If you want to make it look a little more interesting, just add a second necklace in a different length, like Miley did.

This golden spiked bangle set with black decorations is from forever21 and only $7,80. It goes great with pretty much everything!

 These awesome high waisted jeans shorts (at etsy for $8,51) look so much like Miley's. If you want the pockets to show too, simply cut some more fabric off the hem.

These silver earrings here are available on amazon for $12 and the closest we can get to Miley's designer pieces.

If you don't want to spend a fortune on original Dr. Martens, these simple black boots will totally do. They look great if you roll down the upper part, too. Obtainable at forever21 for $35.90.

It is so hard to find a top just like Miley's (pleaaase tell me, if you guys find one!). But this cropped top from Dr. Jays has a very similar pattern and will still look great with the outfit although it isn't long-sleeved. For $11.28 it is yours.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Selena Gomez

Hey Guys,

So finally I got to write my first post!
As you can see in the blog title, this blog is gonna be about stars and their outfits and how you can copy them for less money!
So if you find better and cheaper matches to this clothes or if any of those links are not existing anymore, just comment below and I try to change it immediately.

And now to our first star: Selena Gomez in her chic white blazer.

 Simple Blue skinny Jeans have to be in every girl's closet. If you don't have any yet - it's time.
You can get them for only $12.95 at H&M.

This is just a basic Black Tank Top and you could find it in almost every store I guess. 
The cheapest option I found is at forever21 for just $3.80. 

This White Bag looks just like hers but in a little bit smaller. It is available at H&M for $29.95.

This Blue Cap-Toe Shoes may not be exactly the same as Selena's, but they go great with this outfit. 
You can get them at Zappos for $47.99. 

This cute Silver Horse Shoe Necklace, you can  get at forever21 for just $5.80

This White blazer is what makes Selena's outfit stand out. It's an original addition for a casual look. For $24.95 at H&M